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Sheryl Sivell
Good health is not just the absence of illness. It is experiencing a life full of optimal energy and mind, body & spirit vitality.                                               Sheryl Sivell



I am a mother of three kids and a Naturopath with 30 years of clinical practice experience. Recently practicing at Parkdale Wellbeing Clinic.

I consider myself to be a health detective; I am constantly studying and researching to find solutions to the most puzzling and complex cases where there is normally a deeper, multifaceted cause to the health condition. This method requires a gentle, experienced hand to gradually peel off the layers that have led to the disease. I will leave no stone unturned when it comes to helping my patients return 2 wellness.

I believe that everybody’s body is different and in order to return 2 wellness, an individual approach is necessary. I am experienced in successfully treating a wide range of physical & mental health conditions including digestive inflammation, allergy related illness, women’s health, arthritis, autoimmune diseases, pyrroles/pyroluria, PANDA's, anxiety, OCD, ADD and insomnia.

I am committed to further education and professional development, regularly attending seminars and conferences to ensure I have the latest health care knowledge.


I take a collaborative approach to patient care and work alongside other medical and allied health practitioners to ensure my patients return 2 wellness.

Meet Sheryl

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Naturopathy & Herbal Medicine
Why Naturopathy

Why Naturopathy?

Naturopathic medicine aims to treat the cause of disease thereby alleviating symptoms and preventing a return of the health condition. Naturopathic medicine uses a blend of the latest scientific research, evidence based medicine and the traditional wisdom of our ancestors. Naturopathic medicine treats the mind, body and spirit as a whole body,  allowing it to rebalance and restore its natural flow of energy, which ultimately leads to healing and an individual's return 2 wellness.


"Sheryl has made such a difference to my life. Before I saw her I suffered constantly from body aches and was always tired. My days existed of working and sleeping, even the smallest activity meant I would spend the next day on the couch. No one could find anything wrong with me which was very depressing. Sheryl sent me for a range of blood tests and put me onto a specialised diet and supplements program. It took a few months to feel the difference but I finally feel like I have my health back. Thank you, Sheryl"

— Sammy



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